Decorative wall with colorful PVC pipeline

The Magic of a magnetic filter

Something most will never of heard of, the magnetic filter. Installed on the pipework of the boiler it’s a special kind of filter that’s used to help prevent sludge or debris build up that could damage the heating system.

It does not have any mechanical parts and works using a magnet to attract metal debris. The metal or magnetite is a by-product of corrosion of metals within the system with the increase in different systems, unfortunately there is an increase in the amount of debris and corrosion too!

Any heating system made with steel radiators will always corrode as it is water and metal creating rust and in turn, sludge. Over time this builds up in the radiators, limiting their performance.

If left unchecked over a period of time, the sudge can even get trapped in the boiler or heating pump and cause total failure!

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